My name is Daniel. In the pic, I’m the second best-looking person. The other (and beauty-winner) is my wife, Caroline. Welcome to my page of art and design. My site will be continually in progress, as that’s the way artists work.

Speaking of journey, my path to becoming an artist began many moons ago sitting in church drawing Optimus Prime on the back of a bulletin. I’m not sure what theological impact this had, but the enjoyable aspect of those days was when friends sat next to me and transcribed my art onto their bulletin. Best part – we sat like angels during the sermon. Because of this, my artistic thirst was quenched early thanks to some parental grace during church days.

Private lessons began soon thereafter with a sweet lady who made a fantastic glass of lemon-infused Dr. Pepper. She would utilize me as her subject to taste test many a holiday baked good. Anything I could do to help – and very essential to my art education. Beyond that, she taught drawing, all the rules of art – that one day we learn to break – oil, and early watercolor.

Daniel & Nolan RyanEventually, I surpassed her knowledge of watercolor – my new passion. I had seen the amazing work of Daniel M. Smith, sports artist and was addicted. What amazing realism. I studied beyond reason, then dove into teaching myself layering, airbrush, shadows and light, and mixing. Loved it. Made my first dollar with the local booster club selling a painting of a high school quarterback.

My name as a young sports artist spread giving me opportunities to meet some swell guys: Will Clark – childhood hero and 1st baseman for the Giants and Rangers, and Nolan Ryan, hall of fame pitcher for the Rangers. With dad’s help, doors opened and prints and commissions sold.

College life hit and as an art major with a social life, work schedule, and commitments to campus activities and church, little time was left to paint. Post college, life moved on and I find myself battling for creative time. A best-friend wife, two active kids, a music passion, and a myriad of chores and friends tend to take priority over painting. But time to paint, draw or design emerges occasionally, and I drink it in with joy and grab a brush or pencil. Portraits, landscapes, doodles, whatever comes my way, I put it on paper.

Thus, you see my need to create this site: express what has been expressed in me. Maybe you’ll see something you like.

Thanks for stopping in. For more details on my history and experience, please see my resume.

– Creating joyfully,