My name is Daniel. In the pic, I’m the second-best-looking person. The other is my wife, Caroline.

My path to becoming an artist began many moons ago in church, drawing Optimus Prime on a bulletin. I’m not sure of the theological impact, but I enjoyed friends sitting next to me, transcribing my art onto their bulletin. Best part: we sat like angels during the sermon.

Private lessons began soon with a sweet lady who made a fantastic glass of lemon-infused Dr. Pepper. I was her taste-tester of many a holiday baked good.  This was very essential to art education. Beyond that, she taught drawing, rules of art – that one day we break – oil, and watercolor.

Daniel & Nolan

Eventually, I surpassed her knowledge of watercolor, my passion. I’d seen the work of sports artist Daniel M. Smith and was addicted. He had amazing realism. I studied his work, then dove into teaching myself layering, airbrush, shadows and light, and mixing. I made my first dollar with the local booster club selling a painting of a high school quarterback.

My name as a young sports artist spread, giving me opportunities to meet great guys: Will Clark – my childhood hero and 1st baseman for the Giants and Rangers, and Nolan Ryan, the hall-of-fame pitcher for the Rangers.

College life hit, and as an art major with a social life, work schedule, and commitments to campus activities and church, little time was left to paint. Post college, life moved on, and I find myself battling for creative time. A best-friend wife, two active kids, a music passion, and a myriad of chores and friends often take priority over painting. But time to paint, draw or design emerges occasionally, and I drink it in with joy.

Thus, you see my need to create this site: express what has been expressed in me. Maybe you’ll see something you like.

Thanks for stopping in.

– Creating joyfully,