Website Design Questionnaire

Please answer all questions with as much detail as you can. We’ll use this as a tool to get started. Thank you – we look forward to taking your website and business to the next level!

Such as expansion, new markets, etc.
Such as speed of loading, mobile responsiveness, photos, etc.
We provide reliable hosting with backups, maintenance, support and peace of mind. Just ask!
Related or unrelated to your business.
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Our platform is the WordPress CMS. This has proven to be reliable yet customizable. However, a stagnant WordPress site (or any site) will discourage visitors from returning, hurting your Search Engine results. A site that isn't maintained, such as plugins and updates is also susceptible to hackers, which we've seen and cleaned up. We strongly recommend this option and have various levels of support and updates; we'll be glad to share our modest pricing with you.